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About Us

Lianzhong Industry Co.,Limited, is a work team of manufacture, sales and professional design plastic machinery plastic mould(blowing mould, pet preform mould , cap mould etc) and plastic products(pet preform, bottle and cap). Special aimed to service the injection and extrusion plastic products end enterprises and we engaged in particular design as our customized, technical guide, sales and export etc for our customers. Meanwhile, we do acting the agent of some plastic machines, like bottle blowing machine, extrusion blowing machine, injection moulding machine and cap assembling machines. We will do and meet all the customer's requirments.

Eevr since it was founded, we insist on the principle of "Quality first, Honest to customers, The Quickest Service for customers" to improve us, our goal is to satisfy all our customers.

With our full awareness of the importance of plastic mould in the plastic machinery industry, we have imported the world's most advanced production techniques and equipment during the past several years. Followed up with and reformed the international temperature resistant special products that have gained good reliability.  Now, our products are widely sold far away in Southeast Asia, Africa, and east Europe etc.

With the continuous developed and cooperation, we will forever keep the words to our customers, and provide our customers new information of the products and offer our customers high quality products with competitve price.

Your satisfied is our biggest success. Lianzhong Industry Co.,Limited shows its sincere  inviting customers from all over the world to join us!